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En savoir plus sur pourquoi Kevin est le meilleur choix pour Alta Vista.

"I have known Kevin for a number of years. His honesty and work ethic mixed with his intelligence and a love for his community make him an ideal choice to represent Alta Vista."

- Kevin MacAdam, Former Cabinet Minister, Prince Edward Island

" We have gotten to know Kevin over the past few years as the President of our community association. He has embodied the true spirit of what it means to be a leader and to bring the community together. Kevin has worked tirelessly advocating for the best interests of our community, reaching out to neighbours in times of need such as helping in the aftermath of the flooding, organizing community events... I was thrilled to hear that Kevin is running for council, because he truly does care about our community!" - Jennifer S, Alta Vista resident

" Kevin is a breath of fresh air for Alta Vista. He listens, seeks to understand, validates, seek expertise where required, takes action with the community in focus and responds in a positive and timely manner. We welcome such positive change in Alta Vista." - Mike H, Alta Vista resident

"I like your seem to truly care about our community and the people that live here.

We need more dedicated people like you Kevin!" - Joan B , Alta Vista resident

"We really like that you came prepared; you have a plan and can speak to all the points on that plan. We think you would be a great representative for Alta Vista, at City Hall and on the Police Board."

- Gina S & Bill F, Alta Vista residents

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