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Thousands of conversations at the door and through the Alta Vista Survey are reflected in my six priorities.

As your City Councillor, advocating for Alta Vista will be my top priority.

I will fight harder on the issues that matter to you - my public record demonstrates it.

Country House Sketch
Street Pavement
Apartment Complex Sketch
Police Car Lights

Reducing Speeding in our Neighbourhood

Speeding cars on residential streets are not solved by a "one-size fits all" approach.

Bringing residents into city discussions about traffic calming measures unique to their own street.

Full Plan HERE

Affordable Housing

Increase the City's affordable housing stock.

Protecting tenant's rights: safe and affordable housing is a basic human right.


Full Plan HERE

Environmental Initiatives

Reduce the amount of rainwater into sewers by partnering with local businesses to create green infrastructure.

Improve connectivity to promote cycling and pedestrian use, including installation of a pedestrian bridge between the Train Yards and the new LRT/VIA train station.

Read my Ecology Ottawa Survey Responses HERE


Hold contractors accountable for road repair work when it doesn't meet city contract requirements (potholes).

Advocate for infrastructure dollars for Alta Vista


Full Plan HERE

Development & Growth

No more surprises! We must develop our community and our City together.

Residents will be heard on all development proposals - which means you will have sufficient time to provide your input, feedback and recommendations.

Full Plan here

Crime Prevention

Re-open Alta Vista's Community Police Centre.

As your City Councillor, I will seek a position on the Ottawa Police Services Board to help establish priorities for our community and the City.


Full Plan here

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