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The City of Ottawa’s population continues to expand, and this means there continues to be new developments into our suburbs. When the city expands – new developments require new infrastructure such as roads and sewers. Just last year in Ottawa, we spent close to $50 million on either making new roads or widening existing roads. Further to this, every kilometer of new road costs approximately $1000 in maintenance/upkeep each year.  

With a professional audit background in securing value for money for taxpayer dollars, I believe it is time we ask ourselves why we believe building more roads will get us further ahead in the long run?  If we want to address the state of our current roads, this approach is flawed.  New roads create more congestion and encourage more people to get into their cars. 

Where we choose to prioritize tax-payer dollars strikes to the core of why we continue to fall behind in certain key priority areas in the City.  The state of our roads is a prime example of simply choosing to look in another direction.


The state of Ottawa roads

The city’s 2017 report on the condition of our roads revealed that 75% are in less than a good state of repair and that 30% are so bad they “may negatively impact the level of service.” The Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, (report recognized by city staff) recommends a repair budget of two per cent of the replacement value of roads. Yet the City of Ottawa’s 2017 long-range financial plan only provides 0.9 per cent funding.  We need to do better. 

Residents have told me that we need to improve the state of our infrastructure (most notably our roads) and that we need the next Alta Vista City Councillor to make this a top priority. 

As your City Councillor I will:

Advocate for making smarter investments 

  • Advocate strongly against spending tens of millions of dollars each year on creating new roads and widening existing roads.

Advocate to stop cutting development charges

  • Advocate strongly against City Council continuing to cut development charges across the City – leading to more urban sprawl and more new roads.


Stand up for Alta Vista

  • I will be the City Councillor who will be the ward’s champion and fight hard to ensure Alta Vista gets its share of resources to address our aging infrastructure.  Additionally, if there is budget surplus money that becomes available I will fight to secure money for Alta Vista.


Advocate to securing additional money into transportation budget

  • Advocating for additional money to fix/maintain roads and remove snow in our ward and across the City of Ottawa to better address the $70 million infrastructure gap that exists.

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