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One of the City of Ottawa’s most important functions is to provide a safe environment for its residents to live.

Yet, community safety and crime prevention when working effectively becomes “everyone’s business”. 

It is not the sole responsibility of the Ottawa Police.

Nor does it fall only to those organizations that spearhead programs focused on crime prevention and youth outreach.

Ottawa city councillors, as elected representatives, have a key role to play.

As your Alta Vista City Councillor, I will demonstrate leadership by continuing to leverage existing partnerships within our community – while exploring new and innovative ways to achieve results. 

I am committed to working harder over the next four years to make sure we:


Build Stronger Community Partnerships

Support Preventative/Intervention Measures

Strengthen Enforcement



Building Stronger Community Partnerships

We must strengthen our local ties with all “community partners” in the ward including faith-based organizations, parent school board councils, business groups and social service providers, while continuing to partner with Ottawa Police Services and Crime Prevention Ottawa to address crime prevention activities.

As Alta Vista’s City Councillor, I will expand the network of “community partners” - so we can build a more resilient community.  Under my leadership, this will include:


Making information easier to access

- Reaching out more broadly into the community to ensure there is awareness/education on what initiatives and services are available to residents and community partners – that target crime prevention activities/community safety programs). 


- Bringing information to people & consistently reaching out into the community is paramount for achieving success!


Continue to leverage partnerships that are working

- Ensuring that we continue to leverage our partnerships with organizations like Crime Prevention Ottawa on providing workshops such as: “Safe Youth, Safe Communities” that provides parents innovative ways to encourage healthy/hopeful children and encourage community engagement.


Working collaboratively with law enforcement

- Working with local enforcement to diagnose local crime/safety challenges unique to specific areas - and providing residents with updates on mitigation measures (where applicable).


Strengthening Preventative/Intervention Measures

Residents in Alta Vista have told me that we must strengthen and improve upon our preventative measures to reduce and prevent crime. 


As Alta Vista’s City Councillor, I will continue to leverage existing preventative measures and strengthen community policing - so we can build a safer and more inclusive community.  Under my leadership, this will include:


Reaching out to Youth

- Promoting programs like the Youth Outreach Worker Program (operated by the Boys and Girls Club) for youth to better connect with services and outreach activities within their community.


- Actively promoting initiatives like Ottawa’s Youth Engagement Committee through the community network that includes parent councils and faith-based organizations to help encourage youth engagement and engage underrepresented parts of our Alta Vista community at City Hall.


Strengthening partnerships between with tenants and landlords

- Reaching out into the multi-residential community and working with landlords to actively promote the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program that is designed to help managers, residents and police work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity out of rental communities.


Restoring “Anchor Points” within our community

- Anchor points are locations that bring people together within a community and where community trust and social cohesion are fostered.  The community police center in Alta Vista was a key anchor point in our community – that was lost in 2014.  Re-opening it will re-instate a neighbourhood anchor point within Alta Vista and strengthen community awareness around public safety.


Strengthen Enforcement

In 2017, shootings, assault and verbal harassment contributed to a 20% increase in Ottawa’s violent crime rate – according to the Ottawa Police Services Report.


Municipalities have a key role to play in reducing crime and enhancing community safety.  Yet, a major challenge to sustaining coordinated initiatives is a lack of funding.  Residents in Alta Vista have told me that we must strengthen our enforcement to reduce and prevent crime. 

As Alta Vista’s City Councillor, I will fight hard to ensure we have adequate police presence on our streets, so we can build a safer community.  Under my leadership, this will include:


Advocating for additional law enforcement

- The current mayor has proposed that at least 10 new police officers are hired to protect Ottawa streets – I will strongly support this measure.


- In 2017 OPS ran a $7.4M deficit of which $1.5M was from overtime.  Ottawa needs a fulsome review of the resources it needs to determine where our population to police ratio should be.


Additional resources for youth crime prevention

- The youth of our neighborhoods are the future of our communities and our city.   I will fight hard to advocate for securing additional money directed towards youth crime prevention initiatives championed by organizations like Crime Prevention Ottawa.


Seeking a position on the Ottawa Police Services Board

- I will strongly advocate to seek a position on the Ottawa Police Services Board as they are the body responsible for setting the overall objectives and priorities for the provision of police services – including approving the annual police budget. 

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